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Women’s Wedding Bands a symbol for true love and compassion

A wedding band is something you reach for every morning, something you don't ever want to lose, something which reminds you of your decision to share your life with your partner – forever and ever, in good times and bad times ... we are sure, you know the rest.

We celebrate the true connection with wedding bands or couples’ rings that stand for love in all its forms. All the diamonds, from the smallest to the largest stone, feature unparalleled craftsmanship and meet exacting standards.

A lifetime companion

A wedding ring accompanies you for a lifetime. You should always keep that in mind when choosing. Engaged couples traditionally go for a pair of rings whose design is coordinated – but that this has to be the case, is not set in stone.

Choose rings that you will both enjoy wearing every day. These could be the same gold color, a similar design, or completely different. The decision is entirely up to you. Let our bestsellers inspire you.

Sherwood Bridge Diamonds would you like us to help you to pick the right one!

If you wish a custom-made wedding band – you are at the right place here with us! Custom design doesn’t have to mean more expensive. Changing with the times is hard, but at Sherwood Bridge we understand that simply picking a design from a showcase doesn’t cut it anymore.

Some people like a certain design for a couple’s ring, some people want both partners’ favorite stones to be combined in the wedding band – whatever symbolic reference you wish to see in your wedding band, we would be happy to make your dream come true. The possibilities are endless! We work with designers and manufacturers that produce high-end custom pieces on a daily basis. Bring us your design ideas to an in-person-meeting, and we can bring them to life. Get in touch with us!

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